FluxFlow Dance Project brings contemporary perspectives to a modern audience by engaging their community’s hearts and minds through authentic, thoughtful performance. The Project’s voice, a decided break from tradition, finds it’s way to a public by displaying the humanity of vulnerability, the humor of our attempts, and transformation of the unmentionable to the universal.


Co-Founded by international dance artists Russell Lepley and Filippo Pelacchi, FluxFlow Dance Project is a creation-based contemporary dance company in Columbus, Ohio. FluxFlow Dance Project’s eclectic, international team of performing artists have unique backgrounds and varying areas of expertise. Resident Choreographer, Russell Lepley, utilizes this versatility and creates compelling works that explore the human condition through the intersections of music, dance, theater and the visual arts.

Making this work is my love letter to the world. Working in a compassionate and passionate, supportive, nonviolent, collaborative way with other artists is my greatest joy, and honor. 
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In work that is decidedly queer and gender variant and that challenges conventional ideas about dance as well as about narrative and meaning, I am interested in telling familiar—or almost familiar—stories through unconventional perspectives. I begin with movement generated through the direct transposition of music to the body (akin to dance history legend Ruth St. Denis’ “Music Visualization”), then abstract this foundational choreography, making use of components of musical composition, theater, poetry, and other arts.