Show & Tell


October 13th 4-6pm

Want to join us for an evening of friends, dancing & art?! We are hosting "Show & Tell”" as an opportunity to raise funds for FluxFlow Dance Project's newest work, 'Red Patience,' which will be premiered at Fisher Theater in Columbus December 7, 8, & 9th. Enjoy time to walk our exhibition, mingle with friends and be audience to a "first look" at our new work! Our presentation will take place @ 4:45pm and when concluded will continue with more celebration. 

All art in the Flux + Flow Gallery is from the Exhibition, "Galerie Eolia," generously donated to FluxFlow Dance Project by Jacqueline Bourgeas

All funds donated at this event will be directed towards production costs, salaries for our artists and time spent preparing both in studio and out. 

We appreciate your support tremendously and we are so grateful for all of the encouragement that has put us on this path, thus far!

Back in the Studio

We had such a beautiful experience at Jacob’s Pillow, where, for two weeks, FluxFlow Dance Project deep dived into the rehearsal process for their newest work under the direction of Russell. We are so thankful for the time, space and opportunities, as well as the staff that made it possible and for Ann Heston Wicks whom so generously donated to make the Ann Heston Wicks Choreographer’s Fellowship possible. There were so many wonderful resources and such vibrant history on the grounds of Jacob’s Pillow, it truly is a fertile place to begin growing this new work to be premiered in December, 2018.

Russell Lepley
What an experience

FluxFlow Dance Project has had an amazing 10 days at Jacob’s Pillow. We feel inspired, invigorated and eager to share our experience with our community. Stay tuned for more! We’re coming back to Columbus and diving back into the rehearsal for our upcoming performance in December!

Russell Lepley
FluxFlow is headed to Jacob's Pillow

FluxFlow Dance Project has the extreme privilege of spending two weeks at Jacob’s Pillow, participating in the, brand new, Ann Heston Wicks Choreographer’s Fellowship. Russell was awarded this incredible honor and given space, time, mentorship and resources at Jacob’s Pillow to begin a brand new work which will be premiered in Columbus in December, 2018.

Russell Lepley